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Special Tufting Machines

Our own development engineering department at Danley have produced a number of very successful "Special Purpose" tufting machinery for the production in the following areas.

Sports Surface & Grass Tufting Machines

Production of Sheerlock geotextile material for landfill sites.
A heavy duty double sided loop pile tufting machine with double sliding needlebars to produce a quilt effect that is tufted into a clay based structure.
This has proved to be a highly successful machine with one of the worlds leading geotextile companies.

Production of artificial ski-slope material.
A heavy duty machine in cut pile, capable of producing outstanding material that is now beginning to revolutionise the artificial ski slope industry world wide.

Production of Fibre glass insulation for the building and motor trades.
Tufting of fibreglass, to produce sound insulation material that had never been attempted before, with outstanding results.

Production of reversible twin loop rugs and broadloom.
Danley has developed a tufting application that creates a loop on both sides of the backing cloth, which is most suitable for cotton rugs that can be cut pile on one side and loop on the other.

Production of synthetic grass for all types of sport areas.
Synthetic grass, for outdoor and indoor sports pitches, have been produced on tufting machines manufactured by Danley Engineering Services for many years. We have worked very closely with grass manufacturers to develop high quality products from our very efficient machinery.

With our unique skill and dedication, Danley has been successful with its customers to produce the products normally manufactured by other methods. We are always available to discuss the feasibility in developing a tufting machine to produce speciality products. If you have a product that requires investigation please contact our development department on the enquiries page. We can offer our services at excellent competitive rates.